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Refurbished Autoclaves

In this category you can buy used autoclaves of different volumes to find the one that best suits your needs. We also have accessories to be able to work with these sterilization equipment.

We have autoclaves in these volumes: 8L, 12L, 30L, 75L and 150L.

If you do not currently have in stock the autoclave that you want, you can contact us and we will help you to get one.

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Select Presoclave 18 L
2.200,00 €
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An Autoclave of 18 L desktop with regulation electronics and a range of Temperature from 115 to 134 ºC. Volume tank water 6 L. According to the directive of pressure equipment. Measures of the camera: 23.5 cm diameter x 40 cm depth. Furniture of stainless steel. 3 trays. Alarms. Includes manual.

Select Presoclave 18 Outlet
2.895,00 €
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Autoclave benchtop Selecta Presoclave 18 type B. Equipment from Outlet Select brand. Volume 18 L. Temperature of 115 to 134 ºC. Electronic regulation. Tank capacity 6 L. Action camera 23.5 cm diameter x 40 cm depth. Includes three trays, clip extractor, a support for tools and bags of sterile paper.

Labortechnik VARIOKLAV...
3.850,00 €
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Autoclave Labortechnik VARIOKLAV CLASSIC 500S. Chamber size 500 x 700 mm (Ø x D; mm), volume 135 L. Operating temperature 98 – 134ºC. Maximum operating pressure 2.5 bar.  Microprocessor control.  Three sterilization programs: two pre-set, one user-configurable) for liquids, equipment/solid materials and waste. Audible and visual alerts upon program completion.  Stainless steel. User manual. Intended for reseach, food industry and environmental testing.

CertoClav CV II
Brand New
CertoClav CV II/1000
395,00 €
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CertoClav CV II benchtop autoclave. Sterilization temperature between 125 ° C and 140 ° C. Capacity 12 L. Working pressure 1.4 bar at 125 ° C; 2.7 bar at 140 ° C. Integrated heater. By pressing "start" the cycle starts automatically. Dimensions (ø) x (W): 24 x cm. It includes a basket. Ideal for emergency autoclaving of liquids and solids.