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Cooled incubators

Cooled incubators

In Galileo we have a large variety of refurbished cooled laboratory incubators. In this category you will find stoves, refrigerated of different volumes and temperature ranges.

Find the one that best suits your needs, remember that all products have 1 year warranty on your purchase, and are reviewed by our technical service.

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MMM Friocell FC 707 Konfort
5.250,00 € Desde

Cooled incubator Friocell 707 L forced circulation and rapid cooling. Temperature range (0-100ºC). Stability: ± 0,4 °C. Uniformity: ±1 °C. Comfort Control: range programmable cycles (1min - 16 years), thermostat security, adjust fan speed, alarms. Control manual defrost. Double door. Camera stainless steel. 2 doors glass internal. Includes 2 trays and manual.

MMM Friocell FC222
Fisher Scientific
3.550,00 € Desde

Stove refrigerated Friocell. Volume 222L. 6 programmes adjustable.Control manual defrost. Refrigerant Gas R134a without CFC. Range of Relationship from 0-99,9 ºC. Forced ventilation. System of protection IP20. Door inner glass. Inner chamber of a double lining and 2 trays made of stainless steel. LED display, microprocessor and Fuzzy Logic. Acoustic and visual alarm. Includes manual.

Selecta Prebatem 2000962
1.750,00 € Desde

Selecta Prebatem cooled incubator. Volume 80 liters. The forced circulation. Digital Regulation of temperatures of 0ºC to 50ºC. Regulation with semiconductor. One tray. Internal measures 50x40x40cm. Decontaminated. Includes manual.

Selecta Hotcold M
2.475,00 € Desde

Stove, refrigerated precision Selecta Hotcold M. Volume of 200 L. the Range of Temperature adjustable from 0 to 60 ºC. Luminous Display indicator of Temperature. Safety thermostat adjustable. Bases of plug interior. Includes instruction manual and 2 trays.

Velp Scientifica, FTC 90
Velp Scientifica
825,00 € Desde

Stove refrigerated Velp Scientifica, FTC 90. Volume of 64 L. fixed Temperature of 20 ºC. Forced air. Display of Temperature in thermometer. Plug internal. Includes a tray.

Selecta Hotcold S
2.300,00 € Desde

Stove refrigerated Selecta Hotcold S. Equipment from Outlet Select brand. Volume 160 L. Range Temperature from 5 to 65 ºC. Forced air. Electronic control with digital. Watch disconnect programmable. Wheels with brake. Includes 2 trays and 4 rails. Slight flaws that do not interfere with its normal operation

Selecta Hotcold UM
3.595,00 € Desde

Incubator Selecta Hotcold UM. Equipment from Outlet Select brand. Temperature adjustable from -10 to +60 ºC. Volume of 200 L. Two models of programmer: 24 hours and 7 days (see prices below).

1.395,00 €
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Memmert ICP 400 cooled Incubator. Temperature range from 0ºC up to +60ºC. Model Size 53 L. Stainless steel. Closed air jacket heating on all sides. Motorised ventilation in the working chamber adjustable in 10% steps (20%-100%) through controller. Highly efficient automatic defrosting system. Microprocessor 3 point controller. Multi-functional programming (menu on 5-digit-LED digital display) of a nearly unlimited number of ramps. Serial interface RS232 incl.