We have a wide selection of pipettes and laboratory of different brands: Gilson, Thermo, Finnpipette, Brand, Mettler Toledo... you Can find single-channel pulse, multi-channel, electronic, automatic dispensers...

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Thermo Finnpipette...
340,00 €
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Pipette multi-channel manual 8-channel Thermo Finnpipette. They are supplied calibrated, sterilized and free of RNasas. Volume of 5 to 50 microliters.

Drummond PipetAid
170,00 €
5 units

Pipettor liquid Drummond PipetAid. With charger 230 V. Volume from 1 to 100 mL. Valid for glass pipettes and plastic.

Jencons Zipette
185,00 €
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Dispenser, liquid manual Jencons Zipette. Volume of 10 mL. Safety valve drip. Autoclavable.