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Find out by browsing this category a selection of recirculation baths of different volumes.

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Julabo HE F32
3.550,00 € Desde
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Criotermostato recirculating Julabo'VE F32. Volume of 8 L. Range Temperature -35 to +200 ºC. Drain valve on front. RS232 interface. Built-in scheduler. Opening of the bath (AnchxFxAlt) 18x12x15 cm Includes instruction manual.

Buchi B740
2.950,00 € Desde
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Bathroom recirculating rotary evaporator Buchi. Volume of the tank, 5 litres. Temperature range of -10º to +40ºC. Cooling capacity of 1400W at 15OC. Pumping 3L/min at 0.6 bar. R134a Refrigerant. Display of temperature setting. Furniture of stainless steel with wheels. Optimized for use with other rotavapores as EL038 (click link)

Selecta Tectron Bio
775,00 €
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Bathroom precision recirculation Selecta Tectron Bio. Temperature range, ambient +5 ºC to 100 ºC. Capacity 20 litres. Analog. Stability ± 0.05 °C. Selector temperature fine adjustment 1 ºC. Signaling connection, heater and alarm. Cuba stainless steel.

GFL 1012
595,00 €
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Thermostatic bath with  circulation GFL 1012. Volume 7 L. Ambient temperature range +5 ° C to + 99.9 ° C. Digital display Temperature adjustment by microprocessor with increments of 0.1 ° C. Short preheating. Security systems overheating and alarms. Stainless steel. Cover and rack. User manual.