BioBlue BB.1152-PL

BioBlue BB.1152-PL


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Binocular microscope Euromex BioBlue BB.1152-PL. Basic range for laboratories and education. Four plane objectives: 4x/10x/S40x/S100x. Plate 150 x 140 mm Objectives, WF10x / 20 mm lighting System NeoLED. Transmitted light. Available models trinocular, objective IOS, and phase-contrast, more information see.

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Pair of wide-field eyepieces WF10x/20 mm

Type Siedentopf inclined 30°, rotatable 360 ° with fixing screw and with tubes porta-eye Ø 30 mm distance inter-pupillary is adjustable between 48 and 75 mm Correction ±5 diopters in eyepiece holders left.

Revolver holder objectives quintuple in reverse position and mounted on ball bearings.

The microscope BioBlue.Lab are equipped with the objectives plan-achromatic, plan-achromatic objectives corrected to infinity (IOS), plan-achromatic phase-and plane-achromatic objectives phase-corrected to infinity (IOS). There are also optional objectives plan-achromatic objectives and plan achromatic objectives corrected to infinity (IOS) 20x/0.40 and S60x/0.85. The objectives S40x, S60x and S100x are you type-retractable. All optical components are anti-rust and treatment of layers of anti-reflection for maximum light transmission.

Approach macro and micrometric precision 1.5 µm, 200 graduations per revolution of fine (0.3 mm). Total displacement of about 28 mm With safety system to limit the height of the plate and to protect the sample and the objectives of high magnification. With tension adjustment approach.

Stage no zipper in X-axis 150 x 140 mm Displacement in X-y 75 x 30 mm


Abbe condenser A. N. 1.25, adjustable in height with ring porta-filters and iris diaphragm. Supplied with white filter. Capacitor type Zernike A. N. 1.25 for phase-contrast height-adjustable, with ring porta-filters and iris diaphragm. Supplied with green filter. The condenser additionally includes a BF position for Bright Field microscopy

All models feature illumination of adjustable intensity based on a NeoLED™ 3W. Internal power supply 100-240 Vac.

The weight of the model BioBlue.Lab is about 5.5 kg

Supplied with power cable, protective cover, replacement fuse, user manual, small bottle of immersion oil 5 ml. and white filter or green (depending on model). Case of polystyrene.

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