Biohit EPET 50-1200 µl

Biohit ePET 50-1200 µl


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Electronic micropipette BioHit ePET. brand new Volume: 50-1200 ul. One channel. Increase 10ul. Accuracy (+- 0.50%) self-Calibration, microprocessor. Controls are lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of RSI. Disposable tips. Charger direct. Pack includes, pipettor, grease, filters and forceps, certification ISO and manual. Left-handed and right-handed

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Disposable tips, and modules made with natural color of polypropylene. Tips without filters packaged in trays spacer that are autoclavable (121°C, 1ATM)


• Pipettor • Grease • Filters and forceps filter • Instructions for use •Certificate of management ISO 8655-6

Other characteristics

  • Light weight and ergonomic handles, the effort of pipetting to help reduce the risk of injury from repetition cotínua. RSI, which are common in manual pipetting.
  • Disposable tips at the push of a button.
  • Self-calibration. Microprocessor base that reduces the possibility of human error and contamination of the instruments, controlling all the movements of the piston.


Volume: 50-1200 ul.

Accuracy: +- 0.50%


All the pipettes have been tested according to ISOL 8655 and have received the Hsigh (Konformitätsbescheinigung, DIN 12600) printed on each pipet.. The quality control to ISO 8655 involves the tested concentration of each pipette with distilled water (quality 3, ISO 8655-6) at 22°C using tips original Biohit.


  • Charger direct, that you do not need support
  • Rechargeable NiMH
  • Load time máxima12 hours for empty battery.
  • AC/DC Adaptor • Voltage output 9 VDC
  • 115V
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