BKQ-BL Series food autoclaves

BKQ-BL Series


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Biobase BKQ-BL Series food autoclaves. Designed for food sterilization. Capacity 50 L (model BKQ-B50L) or 75 L (model BKQ-B75L). Heating and pressure creation by steam generator. Temperature and pressure of 121 ºC and 0.22 MPa, respectively. Socket for the connection of purified water for steam formation. Fast cooling after sterilization by water circuit. Compressor connection for backpressure at the end of the sterilization cycle. Heart probe for the determination of sterilization inside the food. SUS304 stainless steel chamber. Serial printer and USB port for data logging. Automated temperature control, addition of water for cooling and drying. LCD display for checking pressure, temperature, time and alarms in real time. Safety mechanisms due to overpressure or over temperature. It includes a basket. User manual.

The price shown corresponds to the 50 L model. To show the price of the 75 L model, use the dropdown below.

Note: the water purification system and the compressor (optional) are not included.

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