bScope BS.1152-PLHI


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Binocular microscope bScope BS.1152-PLHi, eyepieces HWF 10x / 20 mm quintuple nosepiece with the phase of plan PLPHi 10/20 / S40 / S100x infinite oil corrected objectives, stage 131 x 152/197 mm with mechanical built-in 77 x 36 stage X-And without rack mm Condenser phase contrast Zernike with iris diaphragm and filter holder.3 W NeoLED ™ Kohler illumination and integrated power supply. Supplied without rechargeable batteries.

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Eyepieces HWF 10x / 20 mm
Head binocular, type Siedentopf, tube inclined 30 °. Interpupillary distance 48-75 mm diopter Adjustment on the left pipe
Nosepiece revolving quintuple reversed in ball bearings
Plan of phase PLPHi 10x, 20x, S40x, oil immersion S100x infinity corrected IOS objective for phase contrast
All the optics are coated with antifungal treatment and anti-reflective for maximum lightweight performance
Settings coaxial coarse and fine with 180 graduations. Precision 1.1 µm, 0.2 mm per rotation. Total distance of approximately 18 mm Tojuste friction
Stage without a frame of 131 x 152/197 mm with mechanical mechanism 77 x 36 mm scenario without rack
Condenser Zernike height adjustable N. To 1.25 with diaphragm & filter iris
Kohler Illumination 3 W NeoLED ™. Internal power supply 100-240 V (CE)
Supplied with power cable, dust cover, immersion oil 5 ml in case of polystyrene foam and without AA rechargeable batteries

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