Contraves RT 115

Contraves RT 115


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Contraves Rheotherm 115 circulating refrigerated bath (same as Julabo F10-VC). Temperature range from -50 to 200 ºC. Digital. 3L capacity. Socket for external PT100 probe. Vessel dimensions 15*15.5*13 cm; total 40*22*55 cm. 230 V. 50 Hz. 2100 W.

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The Contraves Rheotherm 115, similar to Julabo F10/VC, recirculating chiller is a high-performance cooling system designed for scientific and industrial applications. With its compact design and advanced technology, it offers precise temperature control and efficient cooling capabilities. The user-friendly interface allows for easy operation and monitoring, while its reliable performance ensures accurate and consistent cooling for a wide range of applications.

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