Stove cultivation/drying GP Series
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  • Stove cultivation/drying GP Series
  • Stove cultivation/drying GP Series
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Stove cultivation/drying GP Series
775,00 €
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2 año garantía

2 year warranty

Stove dual-function GP Series. Dual role of incubation and drying. Volumes available: 30 L (GP-30BE), 45 L (GP-45BE), 65L (GP-65BE), 85 L (GP-85BE), 125 L (GP-125BE) AND 230 L (GP-230BE). Temperature ranges: as incubator RT+5 ° C to 80 ° c; as a drying stove of 80 ° c to 250ºC. Stability: as an incubator ± 0.5 ºC; as drying stove ± 1ºC. Uniformity: as an incubator ± 1ºC; as drying stove ± 2,5%. Resolution 0.1 ªC. Inner chamber made of stainless steel. Airtight adjustable. PID temperature controller. Timer. Protection from overheating. LCD screen. Fan speed adjustable.

Options: RS485, printer, alarm SMS, wireless, USB data storage.

The price shown is for the model 30-L (GP-30BE). For other models consult the drop-down.

Stoves cultivation and drying GP

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