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Dynex Agility


Dynex Agility

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Dynex Agility robot for automated ELISAs. It allows to analyze 6 plates simultaneously and has independent incubators (12). Includes management software and software for editing your own programs. It has an easy LIS-LINK connection. Virtually eliminates manual steps. It has a barcode reader, inventories materials (tips, supply levels, etc.) and allows kit storage inside. Compatible with SmartKits. Consumables included: pipette tips, sample loading rack, sample tubes.

Acquired in November 2021, it has been under a maintenance contract ever since. Third party maintenance may be provided, please inquire. Original price: 110,000 euros.

Sale price open to negotiation.

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The Dynex Agility Automated ELISA Processing System is a flexible, high capacity system for performing a wide range of automated ELISA assays. The operator simply inserts the packaged SmartKits containing all the reagents, standards, and related fluids, as well as the assay information required for the assay into the front panel ports. Similarly, the operator places samples, microplates, and disposable items such as pipet tips and mixing wells into compartments that are accessible from the front of the system.

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