Heraeus Biofuge Stratos

Heraeus Biofuge Stratos


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Heraeus Biofuge Stratos refrigerated centrifuge. Adjustable speed from 300 to 23,300 rpm in increments of 10. 9-level acceleration/brake. Maximum capacity 4 x 180 ml. Automatic rotor recognition. Nine programs plus one pre-cooling program. Temperature range from -19 ºC to +40 ºC. Timer from 0 to 9 hrs 59 mins or continuous operation. Dimensions: 395*640*595 mm, 134 kg. User manual.
Includes autoclavable Heraeus #3046 angular rotor with adapters for 6 Falcon-type 50 mL tubes and a maximum speed of 8,500 rpm.

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The Heraeus Biofuge Stratos is a versatile high-speed refrigerated tabletop centrifuge incorporating advanced drive technology. Stratos allows 9 different types of rotors: fixed angle, microliter, oscillating and microplate reaching speeds of up to 23,300 rpm. Acceleration and braking times are very short and the drive is silent. Sensitivity to imbalance is reduced to the point where tubes can be balanced by eye alone.

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