Hettich Cyto System

Hettich Cyto System


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Cytocentrifuge based on Hettich Universal 320. Includes 1626 angle rotor for 6 vessels. Vmax: 4,000 rpm; 2,039 g. Includes only 2 vessels with capacity for 4 cytochambers (2 per vessel). Cytochambers (not included) sample capacity from 1 to 8 mL. Maximum capacity 12 cytochambers. More vessels can be independently budgeted to complete maximum capacity. Not refrigerated. Analog rotary control and digital display (10 programs). Emergency stop. Acoustic signal. Includes manual.

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The Hettich cytology system makes it possible to produce a high-quality cytology preparation from a wide variety of body fluids. With large volume cytology chambers it is possible to process sample volumes of 8 ml or 2 x 8 ml. This makes cell concentration superfluous in many cases. On the other hand, when using the two-step procedure, no cells are lost during sedimentation because the cytology chamber is tightly attached to the slide. Drying is carried out in a second centrifugation step when the cells are already attached to the slide. It also allows the specific preparation of dry or wet preparations.

Ideal for urinalysis, abdominal & spinal fluids, cysts, biopsies, ascites, Pap tests, CSF, viral infections, bronchial secretions, pleura, pericardium fluid, fine and needle aspiration among others.

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