Immunetics MiniBlotter 16

Immunetics MiniBlotter 16


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Immunetics MiniBlotter 16. 2x16 channels. Max reagent volume per channel: 350μL. Channel width x length: 3.0 mm x 5.5 cm. Blots width 8.3 cm. For membrane assays including Western, Northern, and Southern Blots and Checker-board Blots. Requires microliter volumes, not milliliter volumes. Multiple samples analyzed simultaneously. No cross-contamination between channels. Decrease processing time. All results on a single membrane. Compatible with all standard electrophoresis systems.

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With the Immunetics MiniBlotter enable you to perform multiple antibody or probe incubations on a single membrane, using microliter volumes of reagent. Typical applications include monoclonal antibody screening on western blots, animal and human serum screening, and DNA probe hybridizations. Sample processing is streamlined through use of the Washing
Manifold, which enables washing of all sample lanes simultaneously. Reactions can be detected by all conventional methods, including enzyme conjugates, chemiluminescence and radiolabels.

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