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Miele G7783CD

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Miele G 7783 CD washer-disinfector. Suitable for the destruction of vegetative bacteria, including mycobacteria and fungi and spores, and the inactivation of viruses. It works with normal or deionized water (AD programs). Internal softener. Dosing system for liquid detergent. Cleaning at 85°C and final rinsing at 70°C. Thermal disinfection program at 90 °C for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry program. Includes upper and lower basket and tray baskets of different sizes. External dimensions HxWxD: 83x90x74 cm. 400V 50Hz 8800W. User manual.

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The Miele G7883CD washer-disinfector is a special laboratory glass washer for the automated reprocessing of beakers, round bottom flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, bottles, test tubes, stirring funnels, etc.), measuring vessels (e.g. volumetric cylinders, pipettes, etc.), dishes (for example, Petri dishes, watch glasses, mortar bowls, etc.), and small parts (for example, stoppers, spatulas, mixing sticks, etc.). The washing process consists of several automated sections, such as pre-cleaning, cleaning, neutralization, intermediate rinsing and post-rinsing. Drying as an additional function completes the process. The individual sections of the process are carried out automatically one after the other.

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