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Nahita Quartz


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Nahita Quartz water distiller. Production 4 L/h. Conductivity at 20ºC 2 µS/cm. Water consumption 1.0 l/min. Made of borosilicate glass. Quartz heater to obtain high purity water. With safety device (flow sensor). Resistance 1x 2500 W. User manual.

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The Nahita Quartz automatic water distiller. and continuous production, with quartz resistance, it provides us with high quality distilled water given the great purity of the water obtained, free of metal ions and pyrogenic substances, suitable for the preparation of reagents, bacteriological culture media, final washing of glass etc
It is made entirely of high quality borosilicate glass, which allows continued use of the equipment and guarantees its durability.
It has a safety mechanism that automatically disconnects the quartz resistance when the pressure of the cooling water decreases, and connects it again when it recovers.
It has a support adapted for coupling to the wall and its reduced dimensions allow easy handling and cleaning.
The equipment finds its application in clinics, hospitals and laboratories in general, located in the research departments of agri-food, pharmaceutical, environmental companies, etc. as well as in schools and universities.
In case of deterioration, accidental breakage, etc, of the parts that make up the equipment, the following components are available below for replacement:

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