Nexius Zoom (EVO) NZ.1703-P

Nexius Zoom (EVO) NZ.1703-P


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Stereomicroscope binocular zoom NexiusZoom EVO NZ.1703-P. Zoom lens 0.65 x-5.5 x. Magnification of 6.5 x to 55x with pilar. Iillumination incident LED 3 W e iillumination - transmitted LED 3 W of the rotating mirror.

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Pair of wide-field eyepieces HWF10x/23 mm With adjustment of ± 5 diopters built-in.


Trinocular head with tube holder eyepieces inclined 45°.

Distance inter-pupillary adjustable between 54 and 75 mm

It has a port trinocular splitter with a beam of light (50:50)


Zoom lens 1:8.4 with a magnification of 0.65 x to 5.5 x. Field of view from 35.4 mm to 4.2 mm working Distance 110 mm Lenses available auxiliary 0.3 x, 0.4 x, 0.5 x, 0.75 x, 1.5 x and 2.0 x (verify compatibility with the different stands in the accessories section). All optical components are anti-rust and treatment of layers of anti-reflection for maximum light transmission.


Working distance and field of view with eyepieces supplied in the standard equipment HWF10x/23 mm.

aumentos NZ.1703-P

D. T.* working Distance


Flatbed large format with column (model-P) bracket and movable in height with coarse by rack and pinion system mounted on the guides, ball bearings, high-precision, dual-LED lighting system 3W, base with 2 clamps-fastening of the sample,

Incident and transmitted LED 3W power internal 100-240 Vac. Both illuminators can be used simultaneously, and enable the regulation of intensity independent.

Supplied with power cable, protective cover, replacement fuse and user manual. Case of polystyrene.

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