Liofil. pilot-scale BK-FD20/30

Pilot-scale BK-FD20/30


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Freeze dryers pilot-scale BK-FD20/30 Series. Models: standard (BK-FD20S and BK-FD30S), with stoppering (BK-FD20T, and BK-FD30T). Temperature min. trap of cold -80ºC. Temperature trays adjustable from -50ºC to +70ºC. Precongelación and drying in the same space. Vacuum < 0.1 mBar. Ability to trap cold 13.5 L. Ability to capture water 6.5 kg/24h. Total capacity of liquid 4.5 L (BK-FD20x) or 7-L (BK-FD30x). Dimensions: trap cold 240x300 mm (diameter/height); camera freeze-drying 470x485x420 mm; trays 305x405x17 mm Trays heated by silicone oil. Touch-screen LCD. Register of historic data a month. USB for data export. Includes vacuum pump 22m3/h.

The price shown is for the model BK-FD20S. For other models consult the drop-down.

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Freeze dryers BK-FD20/30
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