Rephile NuZar U24

Rephile NuZar U24


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Rephile NuZar U24 water purification system. Type I and RO water from tap water directly. Two ergonomic dispensers with 2.4″ color touch screen with adjustment of dispensing rate (up to 2 L/min), manual and volumetric dispensing. Automatic cleaning cycles for the reverse osmosis membrane (Cl2 and pH cleaning). Self-maintenance functions for maximum efficiency and lifetime of the reverse osmosis membrane. Stable reverse osmosis permeability over a wide temperature range. Automatic data backup up to 2 years. Easy data transfer via multiple interfaces, such as LAN, USB, etc. Intuitive display: water quality with temperature compensation, volumetric dispensing and flow rate. 10 L quality HDPE storage tank integrated into the system, optionally expandable.

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Ultrapure Water (Type I) applications: HPLC mobile phase preparation, preparation of reagent blank solutions, sample diluent for GC, HPLC, ICP-MS or other analytical techniques, preparation of buffers and culture media for cell culture, and preparation of molecular biology reagents, etc.
RO water applications: washing machine for glassware cleaning, feed water for laboratory animals, feed water for humidifiers, autoclaves, etc., water supply for ultrapure water systems, and hydroponics.

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