Corbett Rotor Gene 3000

RT-PCR Corbett Rotor Gene 3000


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Real Time PCR Cycler Corbett Rotor Gene 3000. Fully equipped for real-time amplification, endpoint analysis, autocall genotyping, and nucleic acid concentration measurement. Rotor for  72 0.1 ml strip tubes. Excitation source 470nm, 530nm, 585nm, 625nm high power LEDs. 510nm, 555nm, 610nm and 660nm, 580nm, 610nm high pass and bandpass detection filters. Detected fluorophores Sybr-Green I, Fam, Tet, Joe, Vic, Max, Rox, Tamra, Cy3, Cy5, Cy5.5, Tex Red. Temperature range 25 - 99 ° C. Heating / cooling range 2.5 ° C / sec (tube temperature); uniformity +/- 0.01 ° C. Includes PC and software. User manual.

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Real Time PCR Cycler Corbett Rotor Gene 3000. The Rotor-Gene multi-filter system can detect all available real-time chemistries including Sybr-Green, dual-labelled and MGB probes, FRET and Molecular Beacons.Most DNA amplification enzymes/ buffers can be used on the system to generate Quantitation/Melt data. It is not necessary to use expensive kits that are specific to the instrument. Additionally, Rotor-Gene offers the most user-friendly real-time analysis software system currently available. Using an experiment Wizard, a new real-time protocol can be setup within a matter of minutes in a few easy to follow steps.

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