Moisture analyzer ML-50
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  • detail analyzer moisture A&D ML-50
  • Moisture analyzer ML-50
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Moisture analyzer A&D ML-50. Weight max. 51 g. Resolution 0.005 g. Content moisture shown by 0.1%/1%. Precision with 1g/5g of 0.5% to 0.1%, respectively. Temperature drying 50-200ºC. Size plate 85 mm Heating fast and uniform with halogen lamp and filtration system RAS that prevent spot heat. High repitibilidad with the system SHS. Check precision and accuracy with tartrate of sodium dehydrated.Five measurement programs (standard/automatic/time set/manual/quick). RS232 interface. Suitable for measurements in solids and liquids. WinCT-Moisture Software that shows real-time graphs of changes in humidity, controllable from PC. Data exportable to Excel or Word.


funciones analizador humedad A&D ML-50

Brand New