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Selecta Intercooler


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Selecta Intercooler water recirculation bath. Temperature range from + 3 ° C to ambient. Electronic digital temperature regulation Recirculation pump. Hermetic compressor with ventilated condenser and AISI 304 stainless steel cooling coil. Refrigerant flow: 350 liters / hour. Maximum pressure: 1 bar. User manual.

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The Selecta Intercooler water recirculation equipment is designed to feed condensation circuits, distillation columns, reactor jackets, viscometers, electrophoresis baths, etc., providing a constant temperature and flow rate of the cooling fluid.
It is compatible with Selecta equipment: “DE-1626” oenological still; Extractor for the determination of celluloses and fibers "DOSIFIBER"; Solvent recovery extractor, for the determination of fat and oil "DETGRAS-N"; Distiller for the determination of organic nitrogen (Kjeldahl method) "PRONITRO-M", "PRONITRO-S" and "PRONITRO-A".

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