Incubators precision Series DHL
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  • Incubators precision Series DHL
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Precision Series DHL
880,00 €
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2 año garantía

2 year warranty

Incubators precision Series by DHL. Volume models available: 45 L (DH45L), 65 L (DH65L), 125 L (DH125L) and 210 L (DH210L). Temperature range RT+5ºC to 65ºC. Convection fan breeze. Stability ± 0.5 ºC. Uniformity ± 0.8 ºC. PID temperature Control with set to 0.1 ºC. LCD Display. Timer, alarm indicator, temperature selection safety. Cut auto power due to overheating. Stainless steel chamber. Glass door and internal silicone gasket for a good seal. White light and UV.

Options: USB interface, printer, recorder, external communication, remote control and alarm SMS by wireless.

The price shown is for the model 45 L (DH45L). For larger volumes, select model drop-down.

Precision DHL