Thermo Megafuge 16

Thermo Megafuge 16


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Thermo Scientific Megafuge 16 ventilated centrifuge. Maximum speed 15,200 rpm (25,830 x g). Includes TX-400 rotor, whose maximum speed is 5000 rpm, four buckets and adapters for 14 10 ml tubes. (Adapter ref. 75003681). Nine acceleration ramps and 10 deceleration. Digital screen. Memory for 6 programs. Maintenance free induction motor. Timer 9 h 99 min. and continued. Safety and imbalance controls. Dimensions: 60.5*44*36cm; weight 57 kg.
Other adapters not included. Ref: Thermo Scientific Set of 2 15 mL adapters (Cat. No. 75003682) and Set of 2 50 mL adapters (Cat. No. 75003683).

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The Thermo Megafuge 16 is an easy-to-use benchtop centrifuge with intuitive controls, a digital setup display, and a memory bank of six programs to store your processes. It has a maximum capacity of 1.6 liters, reaches a maximum of 15,200 rpm and a timer of up to 9h59min. It is recommended, among other applications, for cell culture, blood processing, microplates, etc.

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