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DECO-TZP-0.25L 95% high purity yttrium stabilized zirconium grinding jars for ball mill. Capacity 250 mL. Maximum feeding capacity of 2/3 of the grinding jar. Dimensions: outer diameter 91mm, height 85mm. High hardness (>89HRA) which offers high wear resistance, suitable for most metallic and non-metallic materials. High density (>5.98g/cm3) and high thermal expansion. Low thermal conductivity. Impact resistence. High resistance to corrosion and wear. 

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Optional: 6 3 cm zirconium balls (€30 each).

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DECO-TZP-0.25L grinding jars. Zirconium Ball Grinding Jar Applications:
1. Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant products: paints, textiles, paints, printing and dyeing
2. High strength and high toughness products: magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramics, dielectric ceramics
3. To prevent pollution: medicine, food, cosmetics
4. Ceramics: electronic ceramics, refractory ceramics, structural ceramics.

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