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Fume hoods

Fume hoods

In this subcategory you will find fume hoods for the extraction of gases of different brands and models as well as different widths of the working area.

Active filters

Erlab Captair 391 Smart
3.750,00 €
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Erlab 391 Captair Smart ductless fume hood. Prefilter and carbon active filter. Air flow speed 0.4 to 0.6 m/s; air face velocity 220 m3/h. LED lighting > 650 Lux. Timer 60 hours. Corrosion and chemical resistant. Audible and visual alarms of low air speed, fan failure and filter breakthrough. External dimensions (WxHxD): 1005x1285x620 mm. Year 2017.

ULT - ACD 200 MD.14
1.375,00 €
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Mobile fume, gas and odor extraction unit ULT - ACD 200 MD.14. The system consists of a prefilter for dust plus a 6 kg filter of active carbon. Extraction 635 m³ / h. Max. 3,200 Pa. Flow controller. Two extractor arms and mounting parts.