Laminar air flow cabinets

Laminar air flow cabinets

Different brands of laminar flow cabinets to ensure a working environment with air free of particles down to 0.1 microns. Ventilation through HEPA filters or ULPA. All that we have are reviewed by our technicians and comes with a one year warranty.

INTEGRA Vacusafe
895,00 €
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Vasusafe INTEGRATES. Bottle collection of waste of polypropylene, autoclavable and volume of 4 L. the Flow of the pump 8 L/min. Speed aspiration of 17 mL/sec. Hydrophobic filter to prevent overflow of liquid and escape of aerosols. Includes operator manual, and adapter 8-channel with tips of stainless steel (length 40 mm).

Biosan UVT-S-AR
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BioSan UVT-S-AR DNA/RNA UV-cleaner box is designed for clean operations and protection against contamination with DNA samples. White and germicide UV light. Automatic switch off of UV-lamps when the protective screen is opened. Flow-type bactericidal UV cleaner-recirculator AR, which provides constant decontamination inside the cabinet during operation. Structure of stainless steel and shockproof glass walls. Low noise, low energy consumption.

DLAB SafeVac
665,00 €
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DLab SafeVAc aspirator. Vacuum range up to 600 mbar; 1mL/S to 15mL/ S aspiration speed. Bottle capacity 4 L. Sensitive level sensor to prevent liquid overflow during operation. Fully autoclavable waste collection bottle, tubing and handle. Lid, tubing and handle are easy for disassembling, cleaning and autoclaving. Interchangeable hand operator -tip adapters make it suitable for various tasks from single channel to 8-channel based on the applications in tube, micro plate, disk plate etc.

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Horizontal laminar airflow cabinet ESCO Labculture LHC-3B1. Prefilter and long life ULPA filter for the discharge flow (0.475 m / s) with typical efficiency greater than 99.999% in sizes from 0.1 to 0.3 μm. White light and germicidal UV. Tap and plug inside. Dimensions 1035 x 750 x 1255 mm (external), and; 955 x 550 x 725 (internal). Antimicrobial paint. Controller by microprocessor. Transparent front cover (recommended when using the UV lamp). Work surface with recessed central area to retain spilled products. User manual.

Thermo Heraeus HPH9
2.575,00 €
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Horizontal laminar flow cabinet Thermo Heraeus HPH9. Used only 300 h. Prefilter and filter HEPA H14. Flow rate from 0.32 to 0.48 m / s. White light and UV germicide. Plugs outside. Work surface in stainless steel. Working dimensions 95 x 57 x 68 cm (width, depth, height). Floor stand included. 230V / 50 Hz. Manual.