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In this category you will find incubators of different volumes and temperature ranges.

Find the one that best suits your needs, remember that all products have 1 year warranty on your purchase, and are reviewed by our technical service.

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Binder BD23 20 L
890,00 €
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Stove growing Binder BD23. Volume 20 L. Temperature from 25 to 70 ºC. Natural convection. Digital. Timer up to 99 h. Glass door internal. 2 trays.

695,00 €
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Incubator VWR INCU-Line IL53. Natural air circulation. Temperature range from ambient +5ºC to 100ºC, increments of 0,1 °C. Model size 53 L. Timer from 0 - 999 min, or 0 - 99,9 h or continuous mode. USB port and test results memory function. Audible and visual temperature alarms. Exhaust duct on the back of the unit. Manual air flap control. Stainless steel with glass inner door.

Memmert BE500
895,00 €
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Memmert incubator model BE500. Capacity of 108 liters and a temperature range from ambient +5ºC to 70 ºC. This quality incubator is built with stainless steel inside and out and is in excellent working and aesthetic conditions. Internal crstal door and wall bushings. Complete with 2 shelves, power cord, software and instruction manual. Internal dimensions - 55 x 36 x 48cm

Memmert B40
675,00 €
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Memmert Incubator B40. Capacity 115 L. Temperature range from room temperature +5ºC to 70°C. Tempered glass interior doors. Include 2 shelves. Natural convection. Analog indication.

Termaks B8260
1.350,00 €
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Termaks B8260 incubator. Volume 260 L. Range: room temperature + 5ºC to 70ºC. Stability ± 0.2ºC. Uniformity 1.5%. Four fans Interior glass door. It includes three shelves with dimensions 600 x 550 mm and load capacity 30 kg. PID controller. LCD display Timer up to 999 min. Acoustic and light alarms. Internal dimensions 60 x 59 x 73 cm (LxPxA). User manual.

Selecta Incudigit
735,00 €
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Digital bacteriological incubator Selecta Incudigit. Capacity 80 L. Natural convention. Temperature +5 up to 80º. Stability ±0,1 ºC at 37ºC. Homogeneity ±0,5ºC at 37ºC. Set error of the working temperature ±2%. Resolution 0,1ºC. Safety termostate. Internal tempered glass door. 1 stainless steel shelf. Control, temperature and time displays. Includes user guide.