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Dewars and flake ice machines

Dewars and flake ice machines

Galileo has other equipment of cold and freezing as flake ice machines and dewars for liquid N2.

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Laboratory MYDS-FS Series
695,00 € Desde
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The liquid nitrogen containers MYDS-FS Series combines both the low consumption of liquid nitrogen as the advantages of storage capacity for a mid-range, with a light weight, less space, large capacity storage of samples. Volumes of 10 to 175 litres. Storage capacity of 100 to 7,000 cryotubes. Wide mouth for easy opening. Excellent uniformity and estabidad temperature, even after being abieto. All models include racks and cajas storage. Aluminium structure, durable and multi-layer insulation. Optional: safety shut-off optional, cart with wheels, monitor nitrogen level alarm and low-level light.

It shows the price for the model MYDS-10-125-FS of 10 litres. For larger volumes check drop-down.