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Autoclaves Class B

Autoclaves Class B

Find here autoclaves horizontal Class B for the sterilisation of surgical or dental, among others.

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Autoclaves BKM-ZB
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Autoclaves horizontal BKM-ZB Series. Autoclaves Class B for use in clinical laboratory or dental (meets EN13060). Models with vat of 18 L (BKM-Z18B), and 24 L (BKM-Z24B). Temperatures of 121ºC and 134ºC with accuracy 1ºC. Pressure max. 2.3 Bar. Pre-vacuum. Capacity of water tank 4L, consumption 0.18 L/cycle. USB for data logging. Low level of noise. LCD Display with temperature indicator, pressure, time, state operation. Cycles of pre-engineered and programmable by the user. Mini printer optional. Safety mechanisms of the door, overpressure and overtemperature, fault alarm.

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IcanClave STE-23-C (Class B)
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IcanClave STE-23-C (Class B). Chamber volume 23 liter. Sterilization temperature: 121 ° C / 134 ° C. Operating atmospheric pressure: 76kPa / 106 kPa. Chamber dimension Ø247×450.  3 trays. Automatic. Triple fractionated pre-vacuum working method. Pre-programmed sterilization cycles. Safety measures. LCD screen, displays continuons information about cycle process. USB port for data recorder (excluded). Internal memory for storage of the last 20 cycles. Stainless steel. Ideal for small shops or clinics for tattoo, body piercing, nail caring, foot caring, dentistry, veterinary medical & laboratory practices. User manual.