Autoclaves Class B

Autoclaves Class B

Find here autoclaves horizontal Class B for the sterilisation of surgical or dental, among others.

Autoclaves BKM-ZB
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Autoclaves horizontal BKM-ZB Series. Autoclaves Class B for use in clinical laboratory or dental (meets EN13060). Models with vat of 18 L (BKM-Z18B), and 24 L (BKM-Z24B). Temperatures of 121ºC and 134ºC with accuracy 1ºC. Pressure max. 2.3 Bar. Pre-vacuum. Capacity of water tank 4L, consumption 0.18 L/cycle. USB for data logging. Low level of noise. LCD Display with temperature indicator, pressure, time, state operation. Cycles of pre-engineered and programmable by the user. Mini printer optional. Safety mechanisms of the door, overpressure and overtemperature, fault alarm.

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