Germination chamber

Germination chamber

Found germination chambers for the cultivation of plants and photosynthetic organisms with humidity control and lighting.

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Chamber germination RGX Series
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Cameras germination RGX Series. Volume: 250 L (RGX-250E), 300 L (RGX-300E) and 400 L (RGX-400E). Lighting to 3 sides adjustable. Power of 0 to 12,000 LX or 20,000 LX, depending on the model. Forced ventilation. Ranges temperature:10 to 65ºC (lighting); 0 to 65ºC (with no lighting). Resolution 0.1 ºC. Stability ± 1ºC. Uniformity ± 1/2ºC, depending on the model. Range humidity 40% - 90%. Stability humidity ± 7% RH. Stainless steel. Antiescarcha. Automatic Control of humidity/temperature during the photoperiod programmable cycles. Timer 0-99,9 h/cycle. Control over temperature.

Optional: Lighting 4-sided, RS485, printer, remote control, SMS alarm wireless, USB data storage.

The price shown is for the model 250-L (RGX-250E). For other volumes, use the drop-down.