Photometers, FTIR and other

Photometers, FTIR and other

Datacolor CHECK
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DataColor Check using a handheld computer (PDA) as the user interface with a Palm operating system
Large screen area, high resolution and high contrast; flash memory card data backup of 32M,
measuring "Gloss". Connect to micro-printer, software, transmission and management of data. Manual.

Nanocolor 400 D
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Meter multi-parameter Nanocolor 400 D. wavelength of 340 to 860 nm. Bandwidth of 10-12 nm. Detector photodiode. LCD Display. Output RS 232. Timer. Memory for 999 results. Manual.

Tecna Mini Photometer 6+
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Photometer M6+ (15x17x5cm). LCD display and 2 buttons control. Two filters (400 and 750nm). Two portacubetas for buckets, round and square. Optical drive rotating patented. Designed for ELISA testing for agriculture, waters and proteins. Manual included