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In this category you will find a wide variety of process fluids, HPLC and UPLCs, UV detectors, fluorescence detectors, collectors of fractions... Different brands such as Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters or Thermo.

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HPLC HP 1050 Series
Hewlett Packard
7.000,00 €
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Liquid chromatograph high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) 1050 Series HP. Ambient temperature +5 up to + 55 ° C. Pump quaternary. Detector array of diodes. Autosampler. Columns for general screening of compounds (pigments, alkaloids, fatty acids). Column oven. Tray solvents. Software Clarity (non ChemStation), PC and printer. Includes manuals

Waters 2424
6.195,00 € From

Detector Evaporative Light Scattering (ELS) Waters 2424. Includes nebulizer high flow of 300 to 3000 μl/min and the nebulizer low flow of 50 to 500 microl/min. Programming 10 methods. Digital Display. Instruction Manual and spare lamp (< 80h of use).

Waters 2996
5.950,00 € From

Detector photodiode array Waters 2996. Range of 190 to 800 nm. Optical resolution of 1.2 nm. Accuracy of wavelength 1 nm. Includes manual.

Waters 2475
3.550,00 € From

Fluorescence Detector Waters 2475. Detection range 200 to 900 nm. Multi-channel and tuneable. Self-employed or for coupling to a HPLC-full Waters. Includes manual

Waters III
2.150,00 € From

Collector fractions Waters III. Includes 3-way valve. Collection tray for 120 vials 17 mm in diameter. Manual of instructions.

Gilson FC 203 B
1.315,00 € From

Fraction collector Gilson FC 203 B. Volume max. collection vial 20 mL (vials of 2,8x6 cm). Collection of 8 columns at the same time.. LCD Display. Team self-control via built-in keyboard. Manual of instructions.