In this category you will find a wide variety of HPLC. Different brands such as Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters or Thermo.

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Agilent 1100 Series HPLC...
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Agilent 1100 Series HPLC System consisting of: G1322A 1100 Series Degasser; G1311A Quaternary Pump series 1100 FW: A.07.01; G1313A 1100 FW series automatic injector: A.07.02; G1316A 1100 FW Series Column Compartment: A.07.02; G1315A Diode Detector (DAD) 1100 FW series: FW.07.02, 10 mm cell with G1369A LAN communication card; PC with W7 with Chemstation B.04.03 SP1.

HPLC Agilent 1200/1100 Series
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Agilent 1200/1100 Series HPLC composed of G1322A 1200 Series degasser G1312A Binary pump Series 1100 FW: A.07.01; G1329A refrigerated automatic injector 1200 Series FW: A.07.02; G1330B 1200 Series injector thermostat; G1316A column compartment with column selection valve FW: A.07.02; G1315B array diode (DAD) with 10 mm cell and G1369A FW LAN card: A.07.02; Windows 7 PC with Chemstation B.04.03-SP1.

HPLC Waters 600
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HPLC Waters 600 system. Includes a Waters Delta 600 multi-solvent quaternary pump, CPG column, a Waters photodiode array detector (PDA) 2996, a Waters 600 controller, a Waters 717 autosampler, a PC with a PCI card and Empower software 3. Pump head volume of 225 μL at a flow rate of 45 ml / min or a pump head volume of 100 μL at a flow rate of 20 μl. ml / min It has an operating flow range of 0.01 to 45.0 mL / min, adjustable in increments of 0.01 mL / min.

Choose your HPLC Agilent...
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Galileo has different Agilent 1100/1200 modules to configure your HPLC as you are most interested. All devices include PC and ChemStation software. Get in touch with us and tell us how you want your system. Prices from € 12,500 depending on the desired configuration.