Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry

Find mass spectrometers: LCMS, LCMS Tof, GCMS, GCMS/MS and generators of N2.

GC/MS Perkin Elmer
Perkin Elmer
16.950,00 €
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GC/MS Perkin Elmer that includes a GC Perkin Elmer Autosystem XL with FID, autosampler 82 positions and 2 injectors split/splitless, mass spectrometer detector Perkin Elmer Turbomass Upgrade single quadrupole and vacuum pump rotary Edwards RV3. Includes full PC, software-Turbomass 5.1 version, a library of compounds in the Nist and user manuals.

GCMS Varian 3900 GC Saturn...
18.250,00 €
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GCMS including gas chromatograph Varian 3900, mass detector Varian Saturn 2100 T (ion trap with a pump turbomolecular) and automatic injector Varian CP 8410 (100 x 2 mL vials). Includes high vacuum pump Varian DS102, PC, software MS Workstation and manuals. 2005.