Power supply/ Buckets

Power supply/ Buckets

In this category we have a variety of sources of food and buckets of electrophoresis for making agarose gels in your lab. With combs and accessories.

Apelex PS 304 MiniPac II
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Power supply Apelex PS 304 MiniPac II. Current of 1 to 400 mA. 1 to 300 volts. Display. Audible alarm error in stream. 2 outputs in parallel. Includes instruction manual.

Consort E844
595,00 €
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Power supply, Consort E844. 400 V; 400 mA. Display with digital programming. 4 outputs in parallel. Audible alarm. Automatic recovery. Timer 0-99:59. 9 sets programmable. Overload protection.Includes instruction manual

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Bucket of electrophoresis vertical Sigma V10-SET. Volume of buffer to 60 mL. Volume of gel 7 mL. Includes comb, and separators.

235,00 €
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Biorad MINI-SUB CELL GT electrophoresis cuvette. Includes cover and power cables, 1 gel tray, 2 limiters for the formation of gels and 2 combs of 8 and 15 wells, respectively. User manual.

Consort E802
450,00 €
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Consort E820 power supply. 4 parallel outputs with 4 mm sockets. Timer 0-99:59 hr. 300V, 2000 mA, 300 watt. Volt-hour countdown 0-99.99 kVh . Automatic recovery after power fail, with resumption of program. Shut-down with audible signal when time, volt-hours, or program completed. Constant voltage, constant current, or constant power with automatic cross-over. 2 x 4 digit LED display with digital programming. Programmable with 9 sets of parameters, up to 9 steps in each set. Overload protection.

Biometra P25
375,00 €
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Biometra P25 electrophoresis power supply. 4 outputs. Output settings 0 – 500 mA at 0 – 400 V and 0 – 1,000 mA at 0 – 200 V. Max. power 200 W. Operates at constant voltage or current. Automatic crossover to constant current / voltage when reaching set limits. Output adjustable in 1 V or 1 mA steps. Auto resume function ("Auto Restart") after power failure. Large and easy to read LCD display. Short circuit and overload protection.