Transfer of gels and other

Transfer of gels and other

Find here equipment for transfer from gels, ovens, hybridization and other computers of electrophoresis.

BioRad Trans-Blot Turbo
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System transfer of gels, BioRad Trans-Blot Turbo. Capacity for 2 tapes. Up to 25 methods programmable. USB port. Display with monochrome screen. Transfer time of 3 minutes. Alarm system sound. User Manual.

Sigma Aldrich SV20-SDB
395,00 €
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System transfer of gels, semi-dry Sigma Aldrich SV20-SDB. Gels 20X20 cm uniform Dispersion of the heat. Electrodes of long duration.

UVP CL-1000S Crosslinker
825,00 €
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UVP CL-1000S crosslinker. Crosslinking for attaching nucleic acids to a membrane takes seconds as compared to oven baking. UV Source: 254nm. LED display. Touch pad controls. UV exposure output: 120,000 microjoules of 5 minutes (adjustable); maximum UV energy setting of 999,900 microjoules per cm2. Watts: 8 watt. Interior dimensions: 305 x 254 x 127mm.