pH-meters / conductímetros

pH-meters / conductímetros

In this category you will find pH meters and conductímetros second-hand to 50% of their new price. We have brands such as Hanna Instruments, Crison, Jenway, Eutech Instruments and many more!

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Eutech WPHIGH-10
50,00 €
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Conductivity meter pocket Eutech WPHIGH-10. Range as from 0 to 19.90 mS/cm Waterproof. Resolution to 0.10 mS/cm and cell/CAT. Includes box and instruction manual.

Eutech WPLOW-10
45,00 €
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Conductivity meter pocket Eutech WPLOW-10. Measurement range of 0 to 1990 µS/cm, Waterproof. Resolution 10 µS/cm and cell/CAT. Includes box and instruction manual.

Crison MicropH 2001
385,00 €
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pH meter with electrode Crison MicropH 2001. Measurement range of 0 to 14. Measure of mV, 1999. Range of Temperature from 20 to 150 ºC. It has a brand new Hamilton electrode exclusively for pH measurement. Includes manual.

XS Instruments PH50+DHS
315,00 €
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pH-meter XS Instruments PH50+DHS (digital high sensor). Simultaneous display of pH / mV and temperature. Selectable resolution 0.1 / 0.01pH. Automatic calibration from 1 to 3 points. Automatic temperature compensation. Adjustment of stability parameters. Display Waterproof housing. Includes 201T full electrode.

Crison Basic 20
385,00 €
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pH meter Crison Basic 20. pH measurement from -2 to 16. Measurement mV ± 1500. Temperature from -20 to 150 ºC. Resolution 0.01. Error ± 0.02. Alphanumeric liquid crystal display Supplied with pH only electrode, does not include temperature probe. User manual.

Hanna HI255 Multi-parametric
435,00 €
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Multiparameter meter Hanna HI255. Determination of pH, mV, CE, TDS, NaCl. Includes pH electrode, EC and temperature probes and a support arm. It has data logging, RS232 output for PC connection and calibration alarm.

Hanna C99
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Hanna C99 with COD
550,00 €
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Multiparameter photometer Hanna C99 with COD. It operates in three ranges: 0-150 mg / mL; 0-1500 mg / mL and 0-15000 mg / mL. Specific ion analyzer programmed to analyze up to 39 parameters including COD. It has 4 tungsten lamps with narrow band interference filter 420/525/575/610 nm. Power supply with 2 9V batteries or 12V adapter (not supplied). Auto power off after 10 minutes of inactivity. RS232 port. User manual.