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Other eq. measurement

Other eq. measurement

In this category you will find another series of measurement devices reviewed by our technical service and with 50% of its new price. Density meters, turbidity meters, counters: colony, thermometers, meters, dissolved oxygen meters, chlorophyll, and many more!

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Stuart Scientific SC5
350,00 €
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Colony counter Stuart Scientific SC5. Counting system electronic. Digital display of 3 digits. Beep each time you press. Peripheral light.

Millipore M air T
1.455,00 €
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Analyzer air Millipore M air T. Volume of filtered air from 25 to 1,000 L. Timer. Instruction Manual and suitcase transport.

Metrohm 757 VA Computrace
9.950,00 €
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Polarógrafo a Metrohm 757 VA Computrace. Measurement of heavy metals in nanogr/l and microgr/l. Injection of the sample manual. Includes electrode Hg Multi-mode (MME). Pressure gauge connection to bala N2 (not included). Software Metrodata version 1.0, manual and spare parts.