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Tanks Nitrogéno and Other

Tanks Nitrogéno and Other

Galileo has other equipment of cold and freezing as ice machines, containers, liquid N2, or gloves in the cold. In perfect condition and half the price!

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Thermolyne Locator 8
2.495,00 € Desde

Container of liquid nitrogen Thermolyne Locator 8. Volume of 110 L. Capacity 1800 vials. Includes 8 racks and cart for transport. Manual of instructions.

1.595,00 € Desde

Machine of crushed ice. Low energy expenditure. Spindle of stainless steel. Front ventilation IN-OUT. Stainless steel door. STIF. Opening damping and patented by ITV. System electro-mechanical control. Speed reducer. Button cleaning. EASI

Migel KF125
1.150,00 €
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Machine of crushed ice Migel KF125. Production 135 kg/24h. Deposit 42 L. Cover stainless steel. User Manual.

Thermo Scientific Cryomed 7451
7.995,00 € Desde

Thermo Scientific Cryomed 7451. Capacity of 17 L. Range Temperature -50 to -180 ºC. Control by microprocessor. LCD Display. Incorporates printer. Driver Software of the computer in CD version 1.0 and user manual on CD.

ITV IceQueen IQ135W
Brand New
ITV IceQueen IQ135C W
1.350,00 €
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Ice flaker ITV IceQueen IQ135C W. Automatic production 135kg/24hrs. Extra large storage capacity 60kg. Space efficient. Water cooled. Stainless steel body. Low energy consumption.