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Optical microscopes of 2ªMano

Here you will find optical microscopes, second-hand, revised and with 1 year warranty as all the lab equipment that we sell in Galileo.

In this section of optical microscopes we work with the trademark: Zuzi, Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon.

We sale optical second hand binocular and trinocular. Pick the one that best suits your needs

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Zeiss Axio Scope A1
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Optical microscope Zeiss Axio Scope. Binocular. Objectives N-Achroplan: (10x/0,25; 20x/0,45; 40x/0,65). Ambient temperature (+5 to 40ºC). Reflectors: 2x slider, a 4x and 6x tower. Bright-field, dark, phase contrast and contrast techniques of interference-DIC and PlasDIC. Adjust intensity. Ample space for displays. Ergonomic. Comfort operational. Manual included.

Euromex Oxion Reverse...
3.057,00 €
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Inverted microscope trinocular with phase contrast. Eyepieces EWF10x/22 mm Objectives corrected to infinity (IOS) plan achromatic Phase Contrast LWD PLPH10x/0.25, PLPH20x/0.40 and PLPH40x/0.60. Treatment mold. Stage mobile. Adapter for Petri dish 35 mm Film phase rings 4x/10x and 20x/40x precentrados, green filter and bracket. Transmitted illumination adjustable NeoLed 5W.

Euromex BioBlue BB.1152-PL
596,00 €
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Binocular microscope Euromex BioBlue BB.1152-PL. NEW in its original packaging. Four plane objectives: 4x/10x/S40x/S100x. Plate 150 x 140 mm Objectives, WF10x / 20 mm lighting System NeoLED. Transmitted light.

Euromex iScope IS.1153-PLPHi
1.780,00 €
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Microscope trinocular phase contrast. Eyepieces EWF10x/22 mm Objectives corrected to infinity (IOS) DIN flat phase Plan PLPH10x/0.25, PLPH20x/0.40, PLPHS40x/0.65 and PLPHS100x/1.25 oil-immersion. Treatment mold. Capacitor-adjustable height, turret positions (bright-field, dark-field (up to 400x magnification), phase 10x/20x, phase 40x, phase 100x) with iris diaphragm. Lighting NeoLED 3W.

Euromex iScope IS.1153-PLi
1.146,00 €
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Microscope trinocular bright field. Eyepieces EWF10x/22 mm Objectives corrected to infinity(IOS). Plan PLi 4x/0.10 ,10x/0.25, S40X/0.65 and S100x/1.25 oil-immersion. Treatment mold. Condenser adjustable in height. Lighting NeoLED 3W.

Selop Xuga 1989
450,00 € From
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Optical microscope, monocular biological Selop Xuga.4 Objectives plan-achromatic Selop Korea 4x (0,10 oil 160/-),10x (0.25 in oil, 160/-),40x (0.65 and oil, 160/0,17) 100x (to 1.25 oil 160/0,17). Focus. Screw macro and micrometer. Plaitna rectangular. Diaphragm and condenser.