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Olympus IX81F
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Inverted microscope motorized fluorescence/contrast phases Olympus IX81. Lenses and accessories: see below. Controller with keyboard IX2-UCB + U-HSTR2. Phase-contrast CH2-PCD-PL. Controller motorized Prior ProScan. High-resolution digital camera Olympus DP71+ software F-view for acquisition, processing, and storage of images.

Olympus BX41 TF/URA/DP72
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Olympus BX41 TF/URA/DP72
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Microscope trinocular fluorescence Olympus BX41 TF/URA/DP2. Vertical lighting. High-resolution digital camera. Excitation in uv, blue and green. Objectives of 4, 20, 40 and 100 magnification. Includes PC and software Cell_F (Olympus).

Euromex iScope IS.3153-PLFi/3
4.347,00 €
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Microscope trinocular bright field and epi-fluorescence. Brand new. Eyepieces EWF10x/22. Objectives corrected to infinity (IOS) Plan achromatic Fluarex 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 40x/0.65 and 100x/1.25 (Oil). Treatment anti-mildew. Transmitted light NeoLED. Filters Blue (EX460-490 DM520 EM500L) and Green (EX510-550 DM580 EM570LP). Auto power off. Manuals. Protective box.

Olympus BH2 Fluorescence
2.090,00 €
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Microscope trinocular Olympus BH2 fluorescence. Objectives LB series and eye WHKL10X eyepieces. Great ergonometría thanks to the trinocular observation (BH2TR30) . Support BHS-LSM with transformer and high-performance halogen lamp LS20H of 12W and 100V. Capacitors: BH2CD. Perfect for studies fotomicrográficos.
Leitz Laborlux 12
2.850,00 €
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Fluorescence microscope Leitz Laborlux 12. Binocular. Clear field and fluorescence. Köhler lighting. 10x eyepieces. Objectives corrected to infinity: EF 10 / 0.25; EF 25 / 0.50; EF 100 / 1.25 OEL; Fluoreszenz 40 / 0.75; Fluoreszenz 63 / 1.30 OEL. Leitz 301-180 power supply for fluorescence. Fluorescence filters: Blue Ex 490 nm / Em 515 mn; Green 520 nm / Em 630 nm. XY coaxial platform. Transmitted lighting White lighting with halogen lamp 6V 20 W. Fluorescent lighting with mercury lamp HBO 100W.