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Incubation baths

Incubation baths

Browsing this category you will find a great variety of incubation baths of different well-known brands and of different volumes. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Cloud ST402
790,00 €
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Thermostatic bath CLOUD model ST402 of 30L. Ambient temperature range: +5º to 80ºC. Fluctuation of Temperature: ±0.2°C and 37 ° < ± 0.5°C. stainless steel Tank. Programmable microprocessor. Digital Display for time and Temperature. Control of agitation speed: 50-250rpm. Timer:100 hours+locking position. Includes 2 racks for 27 stainless steel tubing and user manual.

325,00 €
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LBX WB01 water bath. Volume 22,4 L. Metal housing with an exterior metallic structure covered with epoxy (anti-rust treatment) and stainless steel interior chamber.Digital temperature regulation from room temperature +5 °C up to 100°C (Resolution: 1 °C). Continuous mode or programed periods with acoustic signal at the end of the selected time. Timer from 1 min. up to 9999 min. Double digital display temperature and time. Acoustic signal indicates overheating of the bath. "Perforated shelf" accessory, lid with holes (11 cm) and reduction rings (8 and 5 cm) included. Drainage hose.

Selecta Precisterm
335,00 €
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Selecta Precisterm thermostatic bath. Volume 20 liters. Temperature adjustable up to 110 ° C (± 1 ° C). Cuvette and outdoor furniture in stainless steel. Control panel with general switch and temperature selector thermostat. Adjustable safety thermostat against overheating and lack of liquid, with manual reset.

Bunsen BTG-1
1.150,00 €
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Shaking water bath BUNSEN BTG-1. Volume 27 L. Digital thermostat up to 99.9 ºC. Resolution; 0.1 ° C. Accuracy ± 0.5%. Stainless steel. Mobile trolley with speed between 30 and 200 rpm. Route: 40 mm. Universal fixing system for different containers. Drain tap. Adjustable safety thermostat.