Purification water

Purification water

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Elga Purelab Maxima II An.
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Type I+ ultrapure wate purification system. Flow 1.2 L/min. Resistivity 18.2MΩ-cm. TOC <5 ppb with RO pre-treatment. Endotoxins <0.02 EU/ml. Bacteria <1 CFU/ml. Dispenser. Microprocessor and R232. New filters and UV lamps. Include reservoir 40 L. Type II feedwater is recommended.

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Water distiller POBEL 720. Automatic and continuous production. Production 4.2 L / hr. High distillation quality resulting in high purity, free of metal ions and pyrogenic substances. Safety mechanism that disconnects the resistors by lowering the cooling water pressure, and reconnects when recovering. Glass pieces built in borosilicate. User manual.