Located spectrophotometers uv/visible second hand with 1 year warranty.

Agilent 8453 (G1103A)
Agilent Technologies
5.500,00 €
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Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Agilent 8453 (G1103A). Range wavelength from 190 to 1100 nm. Detector fotodiodoarray. Reading in less than 1 sec. Includes PC with software built-in UV/VisChemstation B4: advanced, biochemistry. Pack dissolution and general. Includes instruction manual.

Hitachi U-1900
3.495,00 €
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Spectrophotometer UV-Vis Hitachi U-1900. Range of 190 to 1100 nm. Band width of 4 nm. LCD Display 12.2 cm Detector silicon photodiode. Porta tray with 4 positions for reading. Stand-alone operation. Manual of instructions.

Hach DR2800
2.675,00 €
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Spectrophotometer Hach DR2800. Range of absorbance of 340 to 900 nm. Operating mode: absorbance, transmittance and concentration. Bandwidth < 8 nm. Memory for 500 measurements. Includes test samples of Iron, Ammonium, Nitrites, Chlorine and color. Manual of instructions.

ACTG Gene UVS - 99
4.825,00 €
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Spectrophotometer microvolúmenes UV-Vis ACTG Gene UVS - 99. Equipment used only as a DEMO. Volume of samples 1-2,5 ul. Measurement range of 200 to 850 nm. Measure in 10 sec. Includes manual, CD software and original packaging.