Agilent 8453 (G1103A)

Agilent 8453 (G1103A)


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Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Agilent 8453 (G1103A). Range wavelength from 190 to 1100 nm. Detector fotodiodoarray. Reading in less than 1 sec. Includes PC with software built-in UV/VisChemstation B4: advanced, biochemistry. Pack dissolution and general. Includes instruction manual.

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Agilent 8453 Specifications

Wavelength 190 - 1100 nm
Opening width of wave 1 nm
Resolution > 1.6
Stray light

< 1.0 % At 200 nm, solution of 1.2% KCl, scanning white in air, 5s integration time; (EP*method)**

< 0.05 % At 220 nm, solution of 10 g/l NaI, scanning of the target in air, a 5-s time ingegración; ( ASTM method)

< 0.03 % At 340 nm, solution of 50 g/l NaNO2, escanéo white on air, 5 s integration time. ASTM method

Accuracy of the length wave < ± 0.5 nm
Reproducibility of wavelength < ± 0.02 nm


Precision photometric < ± 0.005 AU


Noise photometric < 0.0002 AU rms


Stability photometric < 0.001 AU/h
Horizontality of the base < 0.001 AU rms
Scan time typical 1.5 s
Minimum time of scanning 0.1 s
Time until the next scanner 0.1 s


Software: UV/Vis Gemstation B04

  • G1116 Advanced for the development of methods of spectroscopy and methods of validation of support.
  • G1117 biochemical Analysis for kinetica of enzymes and thermal denaturation. (Temperature of melting of DNA and denaturing of proteins)
  • G1118 Test of dissolution provides manual measurements led to complete robotic systems automatic
  • G1115 General of the core software for basic tasks, and validation instruments.
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