Analytical HPLC ECOM

Analytical HPLC


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HPLCs analytical Ecom 2000 Series. Selectable modules: detector UV-VIS (ECD20800) or PDA (ECDA2800), autosampler for 96 vials (L3320), pump isocratic flow of 10 ml/min, modulus of gradient with degasser (ECB2004), column oven with heating/cooling (ECO2080) or single heating (ECO2099). Software Clarity for control and data acquisition and processing. The marked price corresponds to the setting ECS05, see prices below for other configurations.

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ECOM Quarternary HPLC system ECS05 with PDA detector and autosampler.

  • ECP2010 Analytical Pump, 0.01-10mL/min.
  • ECO2080 column oven, 0-80°C.
  • ECDA2800 UV-VIS PDA detector, 200-800nm.
  • ECB2004B gradient box with degasser.
  • L-3320 Autosampler for 2x48 vials.
  • Injection valve with 20µL sample loop.
  • Accesories.
  • The system includes Clarity software to control all modules.
  • Connection via RS232 or Ethernet (LAN)
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Sistemas analíticos HPLC ECOM

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