BioSpherix Xvivo System X2


BioSpherix Xvivo System X2


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BioSpherix Xvivo System X2 isolated workstation for cell culture work under controlled conditions. Multiple incubation chambers, with independent O2/CO2/RH programming. The incubation sub-chambers have doors that open into the area for handling with gloves in an aseptic environment controlled by temperature, O2 and CO2. O2 control from 0.1% to 99.9% is possible in each incubator. Low humidity interior atmosphere in the crop handling chamber that reduces the risk of contamination. Heatable interior atmosphere and work surface. Chambers for housing equipment (microscopes, bioreactors, centrifuges, pipetting stations, refrigerators, lyophilizers, cell sorters, robots, FACS, etc.) also with controlled atmospheres. Control of the O2 level also in the SAS or exchange lock for the input/output of material and samples. Software control on a PC for easy documentation and data logging, even allows remote control. Modular and completely enclosed workstation, without requiring the expulsion or extraction of air. Modular system, can be expanded in the future.

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The BioSpherix X2 closed incubation system is an attractive cleanroom alternative. With the Xvivo System Model X2, good manufacturing practices are easier to achieve, risk is reduced in many ways, and the speed of implementation is much faster and easier. The Xvivo System X2 model, available through its sister company, Biospherix Medical, is designed to process and produce cells in compliance with regulatory GMPs. The BioSpherix Xvivo System Model X2 is the world's only proven modular cytocentric aseptic containment isolator.

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