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CyFlow Cube 6
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The flow cytometer CyFlow Cube 6, fully self-contained and ultra-compact, has been designed for all applications in cell analysis and absolute count with the best ratio quality-performance/price. CyFlow Cube 6 provides a flow cytometry accurate with up to 6 optical parameters. Equipped with a blue and a red laser optional, and 4 fluorescence channels (FL1-FL4) more Forward Scatter (FSC) and Side Scatter (SCC) constitute an optical system, powerful and affordable flow cytometry. PC and software CyView integrated. Optional: automatic Charger optional CyFlow Robby for well plates and tubes.

It shows the price for the model CY-S-3060R_V2 - CyFlow® Cube 6 Microbiology - (1 laser 488 nm; 5 parameters). For other configurations, consult drop-down.

CyFlow Cube 6


    • Desktop design, with high performance, computer built-in monitor and TFT 15.4"
    • Lasers 20mW@488 and 25mW@638nm
    • Sensitivity of fluorescence ≤ 100 MESF (FITC) | ≤ 50 MESF (PE)
    • Nanotechnology first level: detection of small particles < 50 nm
    • Automatic charger optional CyFlow Robby for well plates and tubes
    • The best ratio quality-performance/price

Light sources
Up to 2 light sources simultaneous:
blue laser 50 mw @ 488; red laser 25mW @ 638nm Optical
Optical system, modular PMT of the selected preamplifier built-in for FSC, SSC, FL1-FL4
Optical filters interchangeable
Flow system
Bucket of flow of quartz for transport of samples laminar and approach to hydrodynamic processes.
Count absolute volumetric true (TVAC) based on the measurement of volume mechanical
Syringe pump accuracy computer-controlled, speed continuously adjustable from 0-20 ál / sec.
CyView, software FCM based on Windows ™ for the acquisition of real-time data, analysis of data in real-time and viewing data in real-time
Easy configuration of templates experimental (configuration files)
Data format Standard for flow cytometry (FCS) for storage of original data and evaluated

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