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The flow cytometer CyFlow Space multi-laser of high range combines flexibility and accuracy. When you select up to 5 sources of light different, 16 parameters of the analysis, a grading module is optional and the patented method of Counting Absolute Cell Volume (TVAC) for the counting of real cells and particles without the use of calipers, you can find the device configuration optimum for each application. The forwarder of optional high speed and the ability to analyze up to 25,000 particles per second make the CyFlow Space flow cytometer is ideal for the high demands.

It shows the price of the configuration CY-S-3001_VA1 (1 laser 488/50-5P). Refer to available configurations in the table side and contact to budget.



System configuration modular CyFlow Space: individual selection of up to 5 light sources and up to 16 parameters of analysis
Flexible conversion and upgrade capability of the system.
Sensitivity to fluorescence: ≤ 100 MESF (FITC) | ≤ 50 MESF (PE)
Recognition of micro-particles ≥ 100 nm
Count volumetric cells absolute (TVAC)
CCD camera integrated to control the sample flow.
Optional: charging Station automatic high-speed for microtiter plates 96-and 384-well
Optional: module sorter CyFlow for classification of particles and cells is not destructive, closed

Light sources
Selection of up to 5 light sources different:
- Blue laser: 50mW @ 488, 200mW @ 488
- Red laser: 25mW @ 638nm, 40mW @ 640nm
- Violet laser: 100mW @ 405nm
- UV laser: 60mW @ 375nm
- Green laser: 30mW @ 532nm, 100mW @ 532nm
- Laser-yellow: 100mW @ 561 nm
- Laser orange: 50mW @ 594
- UV-LED 'high power': 365 nm


Optical system modular with photomultiplier tubes (PMT) for FSC, SSC, FL1-FL13
Optical filters replaceable

Flow system
Bucket of quartz for transport, laminar and approach to hydrodynamic processes.
Count absolute volumetric true' (TVAC) - for the cell count and absolute

PC with Windows ™, the current standard of the industry
Operating system Microsoft WindowsTM 7 Professional 32-bit
LCD screen color TFT 22 "
Software FloMax for acquisition and evaluation of data in real-time.
Data format: Standard flow cytometry (FCS) 2.0 and 3.0